United Nations

The Principality of Monaco signed, on the 13 December 2000, the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime at the Palermo Conference held from 11 to 15 December 2000.

The Monegasque delegation, led by 

  • Mr Philippe DESLANDES, Minister of Interior, was comprised of: Mr Patrice DAVOST, Director of Legal Services
  • Mr Henri FISSORE, Ambassador of Monaco for the Italian Government 
  • Mr Emanuele BRUNO, Consul of Monaco in Palermo

The Convention recently signed by the Principality lays the foundations for increased international cooperation in the fight against organized groups committing serious offences with the aim of profiting from them.

In particular, it provides for severe penalties for participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering, corruption and obstruction of justice. 

When this agreement was signed, the Monegasque delegation reiterated that there was no place for dirty money in the Principality and that all legal cooperation measures were being implemented to combat organized crime.