AMSF / STRIX questionnaire

The STRIX questionnaires were launched on 17/01/2023.

The new STRIX questionnaires were initially sent to banking institutions and then gradually extended to all other categories of taxable persons in Article I of the Act no. 1.362 of 3 August 2009, amended

The AMSF will shortly be uploading resources on its website, including tutorials and targeted documents, to help you complete your procedures.

You are now invited to familiarise yourself with the new forms and refer to the descriptions in the margin alongside the questions asked and read the instruction manual, which answers many questions (definitions, descriptions, types of answers expected).

To ensure that you have the best possible experience when using this new tool, please write to us at to inform us of any difficulties you encounter or if you have any questions that are not covered in the resources provided.

Alternatively, please note that for this first year of use, it is not compulsory to answer all the questions if you are unable to do so. Nevertheless, incomplete answers will automatically be given an additional risk coefficient, which could artificially increase the overall residual risk level. We therefore urge you to use this option sparingly and to equip yourself as of now with the necessary measuring tools so that you are in a position to respond fully to subsequent forms.